At Sugaring House, we believe that everyone’s skin and body is special, and it should be cared for on an individual basis. The treatments cover a variety of skin types and we use all-natural products.

Our service


Chemical Peels

Our signature chemical peels help to reverse visible signs of damage by improving dullness and reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, clogged pores, and blemishes. They also support skin elasticity for firmer-looking skin over time.

Enzyme Peels

Enzymatic peels use fruit-based exfoliates to dissolve dead skin with minimal irritation. Perfect for all skin types, especially dry or sensitive skin, these peels refine skin texture and deliver visible results in just one treatment.

Oxygenating Peels

Oxygen offers numerous benefits for a healthy, radiant complexion! It helps bring clarity to troublesome skin, purifies clogged pores, supports skin elasticity and brightens dullness. The oxygenating O2LiftR peel delivers an instant, visible boost to invigorate the skin.