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This 24k gold facial is a deluxe multi-tasking face mask, expertly crafted to nourish, hydrate, and revitalize skin. Pure 24K Gold Facial Mask contains real 24K Gold foil which is vastly used in high-end anti-aging skin care solution, combining with other beneficial ingredients to deliver the perfect skincare solution.

*Rich in antioxidants to help eliminate free radicals and damage to the skin.

*Promotes anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties due to its high concentration of Vitamin C.

*Promotes a translucent, lustrous and even-toned complexion.

*Helps facilitate skin repair by promoting dermis and epidermis regeneration.

*Improves skin vitality and energy.

*Increases collagen levels and boosts skin fullness.

*Reduces skin sagging by stimulating collagen for firmer-looking skin.

*Helps to firm and tighten skin by providing building blocks of protein.

*Acts as a free radical scavenger, protecting cells from oxidative harm caused by free radicals. Less oxidative harm results in fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

*Decreases large pores and promotes healing.

*Enhances the skin renewal process and reduces
the appearance of scars.

*Increases skin elasticity thereby reducing the appearance of saggy skin.

*Naturally detoxifies.

*Minimizes skin irritation, Rashes, Inflammation and redness.

*Improves physical vitality and energy.

*Regulates the skin’s natural sebum production and reduces open pores.

*Promotes a smooth, translucent skin complexion.

*Returns vigor to dry, aged skin.

*Evens complexion and gives skin a youthful glow.

*Effective anti- inflammatory prevents cell damage
caused by free radicals.

*Naturally smoothing and helps reduce redness; has natural anti-microbial and anti-oxidant properties, and acts as a natural free radical scavenger.

*Appropriate for use after harsh and intense treatments such as extractions, laser, peeling or waxing.

*Ability to eliminate nervous tension, relieve pain, disinfect skin, and inhibit bacteria that cause the initial infection.

*Helps speed up the healing process.

*Minimizes skin irritation, rashes, inflammation and redness.


*Penetrate skin and delivers intense hydration.

*Restores and preserves moisture for glossy skin due moisturizing components.

*Boosts skin moisture and plumps the surrounding


*Improve moisture balance and maintains lipid balance by improving the skin’s barrier function and thereby reducing evaporation.

*Promotes collagen synthesis to retain skin elasticity, firmness and pliability.

Diamond jelly mask contains:  Diamond minerals that reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Completely hydrating it aids recovery of the skin. Rich in minerals, it restores skin tone, cleanses and detoxifies. 
Hydrolyzed Collagen:  A mixture of small peptides, broken down into much smaller fragments, is able to penetrate the skin’s surface to firm the skin and reduce the effects of aging as collagen is absorbed by the skin.

Kills bacteria on the skin’s surface to reduce breakouts, remove toxins, and deeply moisten the skin.

Effective in treating a variety of skin conditions, like flaky or dry skin, without stimulating sebum production; making this mask perfect for combination and oily skin. This tea tree mask provides oxygen to the skin which strengthens the skin tissue and keeps skin healthy. Contains a natural moisture factor which is able to penetrate the skin’s upper layers to improve and benefit the skin when applied.  It penetrates deep into the dermis, thus boosting the elasticity and hydration of the skin.  

Ability to eliminate nervous tension, relieve pain, disinfect the scalp and skin, enhance blood circulation, and treat
respiratory problems. respiratory problems. 

Spot Diminishing ALA treats acne prone skin to shrink oil glands and minimize colonies of bacteria responsible for acne. Blue LED light with ALA penetrates the dermis to kill the bacteria that causes acne breakout, (P.acnes) . The P. acne bacteria can grow in the hair follicles and
cause inflammation, which then blocks pores and turn into inflamed pimples. Also, it shrink the sebaceous (oil-producing) glands of the skin. This reduces acne by decreasing the amount of oil in each pore (acne bacteria thrives on oil) this provides a natural antiseptic with antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties making it highly effective in treating wounds, acne and skin infections.

Purifying Active Charcoal helps flush out environmental toxins, dirt, and debris. Lecithin dissolves impurities that can clog pores and cause common skin concerns, which include blemishes, redness, scars, razor bumps, and in-grown hairs. An ultra- purifying mask to deep clean
and visibly reduce pores and clarify complexion. It helps to cool and soothe the irritation, making it potentially useful against itchy, irritated and infected skin.

Cica Complex Care helps to increase blood flow
to wounds, reduce the formation of excess scar tissue, and improve skin elasticity. It reduce the appearance of superficial and deep wrinkles, firming up the skin by increasing the synthesis of collagen and support the basic “ glue “ that holds our cells together . this formula diminishes the appearance of blemishes and restores the look of the skin’s strength, health, and vitality while enhancing the skin renewal process. 

Illuminating Orange Peel has strong lightening properties but does not irritate the skin due its natural soothing effects. It is the top rated solution to pigmentation without harmful side effects. Glass-smooth skin rapidly increases brightness, radiance luminosity and vibrant grow. This illuminating formula helps to diffuse accumulated excess melanin, a cause of hyper-pigmentation, resulting in visible brightening formula helps enhance tone, clarity, and visible brightening. it also diminishes the appearance of pores and reinforces the skin moisture barrier for a skin-smoothing glow.

Collagen Infusion provides concentrated lifting POLY-L-LACTIC ACID (PLLA), which works with skin’s natural renewal process to increase visible density and elasticity. This helps fill in natural shape for a more sculpted look with firmer and plumper skin. The skin’s contours are given a defined and radiant look with diminished visible signs of aging. This illuminating treatment infuses the skin with sculpting power for an uplifting, refreshed look that tightens and firms the appearance of the face and neck. The result is skin that appears younger ,radiant , and wide awake .

Effective in treating a variety of skin conditions like flaky or dry skin without making the skin greasy so it is
perfect for oily skin. Provides oxygen to the skin which strengthens the skin tissue and keeps the skin healthy.

Natural Moist. Factor, able to penetrate the skin’s upper layers to improve and benefit the skin when applied. Penetrates into the dermis, thus boosting the elasticity and hydration of the skin.


*Rice in micronutrients, flavonoids and phytonutrients to increase energy, restore PH balance and help synthesize

*Manages dry skin by balancing oil and water distribution.

*Reduces the appearance of dark circle and sagging.

*Supports firming and tightening, and protects the skin from environmental stressors.

*Phytonutrients and flavonoids help prevent signs of aging.

*Illuminates the skin to reveal a subtle glow.

*keep skin hydrated throughout the day.

*Returns skin firmness and suppleness while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

*Reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation and diminishes the appearance of age spots, blemishes and discoloration.